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Act sustainably, save resources

Environmental protection as an obligation

TTM GmbH Internationale Spedition particularly cares about respect for people and nature. As such, we have firmly anchored protection of the environment in the corporate strategy and are implementing a range of specific measures:

  • The lorries of the TTM Fuhrpark GmbH comply with the latest ecological guidelines (EURO-6 engines / addition of AdBlue). Our vehicles are a maximum of four years old.
  • With satellite-based, efficient scheduling, we keep the empty kilometre proportion of our fleet as low as possible. Consequently, we contribute substantially to reducing CO2.2.
  • On the company site, we use a photovoltaic plant; unused solar power is fed into the mains grid.
  • We rely on “green logistics” in the piece goods system of VTL, a leading piece goods cooperative, and thus underline our commitment to the environment.